Physical Development


Principles Of Physical Development 

There are many different changes that happen to a child when they go through physical development. 

  • Different parts of the body mature at their own rates.
  • Functioning becomes increasingly integrated.
  • Each child follows a unique growth curve.
  • Physical development is characterized by both quantitative and qualitative changes.
  • Children’s bodies function as dynamic, changing systems.
  • Children’s health is affected by their involvement in numerous environments. 


The Brain and Its Development 

The brain is truly an amazing organ. This organ is what makes the most basic physical functions possible. As well as pain, motor skills, emotional responses and sensations. 

During prenatal development – neurons transfer to a play will they will start their work.

During infancy – the brain starts to create multiple connections with neurons.

During early/middle childhood – the brain goes into protection mood and takes care of the connections that are used the most. They then let go of any other connections that aren’t used as much. 

During adolescence – The brain creates new passions, sparks behavior and grows in certain places that play within judgement.

The brain is truly a complex structure. It’s three main parts include: hindbrain, midbrain, and forebrain.

Physical Development During Childhood

A lot of development happens during childhood. As you learn bodily proportions and changes in physical size takes place as you learn. 

During infancy this period is an intense time of rapid growth that builds the foundation of reflexes. Early childhood is intense physical activity and creates new motor skills.

During middle childhood is when a child’s growth slows down and they put their motor skills that are useful to the test.



Physical Well-Being

Health is very important is growing up. As kids grow older children become more aware of their health and what it means to be in “good health”.

Health has many factors and it all depends on how you follow these habits and factors that depend how healthy you are.


-Eating habits

-Physical activity 


Sometimes children will show behavior such as:

-Eating disorders

-Overcommitments that results in lack of sleep

These behaviors can have a huge effect on their well being. They are important to keep an eye on these in order to help the child if needed. 



Special Physical Needs


Young children with long term physical conditions have long term effects on their perforce at school and during activities. Modifications are made for these children and they benefit from them tremendously. Including instruction, equipment and their physical environment. We need educators to have the drive and heart to involve these children in certain activities and help them in any way with their education.